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SKU: 925745

SIZE: 250 x 316 cm

Like their musical namesakes, our new Retransition rugs are the epitome of beauty and visual poetry, in a way that combines the classical values and virtues with daring choices of colours and a modern design. The Retransition rugs fit perfectly with Scandinavian home décor and are made from pure silk.

Regular Price: £4,326,-

Special Price £2,596,-

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Additional Information

Style: N/A

Age: 0-20 years (not used)

Colour Code: No

Condition: In very good condition

Design: No

Knot Density/Pile Weight: 50-150.000 knots per sqm.

Manufacturing: Genuine hand knotted rug

Pile: Silk

Origin: India

Square Meters: 7,9

Warp/Backing Material: Cotton

Colour: No

Type: N/A

Size: No
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